1979 - 2019: Engine by Rémi Taffin

Engine by Rémi Taffin,
Engine Technical Director

In terms of pure engine layout, there are more similarities than differences. The turbo and the engine are laid out in much the same way; there are outlets and a V, as you would find today.

However, there are many internal details that are different. Components would have been made of very different materials; now we use Inconel and carbon fibre, which would have been impossible to afford or find in the 1970s.

You also notice the size of the engine in general. We design the power unit to be as light and compact as possible to enhance packaging in the chassis – this year it is just amazing. There is no spare space – we design the car around the engine sizing so saving space can make a real difference to aerodynamic efficiency and hence performance. Looking at these pictures, it looks as though the engine has just been dropped in!