A never-seen before design. From 0 to 100kph in a few thousandth seconds. Anti-fog lights that go till 10km. 8000 horsepower under the hood and an astonishing aerodynamism. The new Renault Sport project should surprise everyone. Inspired by the most innovative concept-cars, Renault Sport integrated R.S. technologies to the most famous vehicle : Santa Sleigh R.S.

Through this movie, we discover the entire brand attributes : C-Shape lighting signature, carbon cockpit, a design inspired by Trezor. The curious ones will notice few novelties like the ice-skates to succeed all the possible landings.

On all Renault sport social networks, the community has discovered this extraordinary vehicle with a teasing phase, a reveal film and 6 mini-games to get the most exclusive gifts. Everything to enjoy the most magical Christmas.