The F1 Esports Series is the official eSport competition promoted by Formula 1™. The F1 Esports Series season will feature the world’s best online gamers on F1 2018, the official FIA Formula 1™ World Championship game.

On July 9th, the F1 Esport Series Pro Draft was held in London. During the event, Renault and the F1™ teams competing in eSport chose their players for the 2nd season.

The official selection of Renault Sport Team Vitality consists of 3 players:

- Sven ZÜRNER - a young German player who finished 3rd place last season.
- Kimmy LARSSON - a Swedish player who came first in his group.
- James DOHERTY - a recognized English player on the online F1 community.

From September, these 3 players will represent Renault Sport Team Vitality in the final stages of the Esports Series 2018 F1 competition.