F1 Esports Series is the official eSports competition promoted by the Formula 1 ™. October 9th and 10th, 2018 the first stage of the professional competition took place.

This competition brings together nine official F1 ™ Esports teams competing for the first time.

Renault Sport Team Vitality composed of Asix (Manager), Kimmy Larsson (Driver), Sven Zürner (Driver), James Doherty (Driver) participated in the first event.
Relayed live on the official Facebook page of the F1 ™ and F1esports.com, the event has accumulated more than 1.2 million views.

In front of high level competitors and committed drivers, James Doherty finished 9th and Sven Zürner 17th, placing the team in 8th overall.

Renault Sport Team Vitality is preparing to compete for the second stage of the Pro Series.

- F1 Esport Series Live Show 2 Rehearsal & Qualifying - London 30th October
- F1 Esport Series Live Show 2 Final Race - London 31st October
- F1 Esport Series Live Show 3 Grand Final - London 17th November