Happy and glorious - Q&A with Esteban Ocon

It was a thrilling race for Esteban Ocon at Silverstone, as he claimed his best result in Formula 1 since the 2018 Italian Grand Prix. The French driver targets another opportunity this weekend for the second Silverstone race.

What positives can you draw from the race?
It was a really good team result with 20 points between both cars. I think it’s down to the hard work between Enstone and Viry and bouncing back from Budapest. We worked hard to find improvements to make sure we went into Silverstone knowing a good result was possible. The car was awesome in the race. It helped that we had a decent start, keeping my place and staying close to a group of cars ahead. We managed the Hard tyre really well and had good pace at the end to progress some places. We definitely deserved the result and that makes us want even more this weekend.

What are your thoughts on this weekend’s event?
After a result like that at the first Silverstone race, we definitely have the motivation to do the same, if not even better this weekend. One thing I think we can improve is qualifying. In Q1 and Q2 we were clearly a top eight, maybe even a top six, car and then in Q3 we just couldn’t quite get it together. If we can start higher up the order, our race pace is definitely good enough to take some big points. We have different tyres this weekend, so Friday will be about seeing what we can do with them and identifying our strategy for both qualifying and the race.

How do you plan to spend your preparation?
I’m doing some recovery training first as it’s quite a physical race at Silverstone. I’ll continue with some preparation work with the team and engineers to make sure we’re ready for Friday and ready to get straight on with the job. In between that, I’ll fit in some chill time and recover some energy!