Home from home - Q&A with Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has his mind on the Italian Grand Prix, a race which is closer to home for the Australian who has Italian roots.

How much does the Italian Grand Prix mean to you?
I have Italian heritage with some cousins and relatives living in Italy. It’s not immediate family, but they still come out and support. The fans are always special in Monza and the passion there is amazing. There’s lots of red flares and chaos everywhere, but it’s quite cool to see everyone going wild. I always look forward to the drivers’ parade in Monza because it’s electric and gets you pumped to go racing. On a food note, the best pizza in the world is in Monza. I think I had seven pizzas in four days last year!

How enjoyable is a lap of Monza?
Monza is a really nice circuit. It’s high-speed, awesome to drive and one of the highlights of the year. If you’re clever on the brakes, you can pull off some good overtakes. I’ve made a few good ones there in the past! If we can repeat our qualifying form, hopefully we can be in a position to fight for double figure points.

What’s there to say about last weekend’s race?
I was glad to move on from Belgium. Our race was pretty much over from the turn one incident as it was difficult to recover with the damage we sustained. We showed strong pace in qualifying and should have scored some important points. Just to race on Sunday was challenging, but I’m glad we did. Monza means we have an immediate opportunity to bounce back and hopefully score well.