Home sweet home - Q&A with Nico Hülkenberg

It’s home Grand Prix time for Nico Hülkenberg at Hockenheim and he explains why it’s so special racing in front of the German fans and his targets for the race weekend.

What’s it like racing at home?
It’s very special racing in your home country. It’s always motivating to do well in front of your home fans as you know they are cheering for you and wanting you to have a strong result. We had a really good race in Germany last year, so we’ll be targeting the same again this season, not only for the fans, but also for the team as well.

Is Hockenheim a circuit you like?
It’s a really fun circuit to drive, especially in a modern Formula 1 car with all the downforce. Some of the corners are very quick nowadays especially Turn 1. Turn 2 is very important as you need a high minimum speed to open up some momentum for the on-going curve to the hairpin. That’s the best overtaking spot during the race. You need good traction out of the hairpin for the middle part of sector two. The final sector is quite cool with grandstands on all sides and the atmosphere is always loud there. It’s the most technical part of the lap as it’s quite narrow and a great vantage spot for fans.

How do you look back at Great Britain?
It was a decent team result with both Daniel and I in the points. However, we always strive for better and for more and maybe we left something on the table. It was a difficult race on my side with a number of things going on, so to still finish tenth was strong. We found some improvements there, which we need to build on heading into this back-to-back fortnight with Germany and Hungary.