Hot summer days - Q&A with Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz has his sights firmly set on finishing on a positive note ahead of the summer break.

What’s the Hungaroring like to drive?
It’s a very tight track, similar to Monaco in a way but obviously without the barriers. It’s a track I like, especially in qualifying, where you have to be on it. A lap is very intense and busy with a lot of corner combinations you have to get right. It’s a difficult circuit to overtake, but turn one is probably the best opportunity.

Are you looking forward to the summer break?
It’s the final race before the summer break, so it’s one we put a lot of effort into to finish on a bright note. This past month has been a challenge, but our focus is on this race and ensuring we are back in the points. I have mixed feelings about the summer break. On one hand, it’s nice because you get the chance to reset everything a little bit, but on the other, I love racing and I’ll miss that for a few weeks!

Have you had time to visit the city of Budapest?
Budapest is up there as one of my favourite cities in the world. There are lots of good restaurants, historic buildings and things to do. We normally get the chance to stay a bit longer than in other cities because of the test following the race. We’ll be aiming to put on a show for the fans as they are always so passionate in Hungary.

What’s the verdict after a busy month of racing?
It’s been a tough few races, but I’m focused on this round and doing the best job possible. We have a fight on our hands for fourth place, but I’m confident we have what it takes to stay on top. I’m taking it round by round, and my focus is on having a good outing at the Hungaroring this weekend.