With the turbocharged engine promising great things in F1™, Renault decided to extend this technology to its production range. The R5 Turbo racked up an impressive record in rallying. When the four-wheel drive cars became untouchable, the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo turned its attentions to tarmac, where it proved to be the absolute benchmark for two-wheel drive models. With only twenty units produced, this ultimate version possessed some incredible technological features: steel bodyshell, aluminium roof, stiffened panelling, wind tunnel-designed and tested bodywork, ventilated brake discs, magnesium wheel rims, wing pillars combining as air intake ducts, etc. Its 1,527cc engine was ramped up to produce some 350 horsepower thanks to the turbocharger, supplemented by an anti-lag system called DPV, derived from Formula 1™!