Flying down a racetrack at 160kph, turn the steering wheel slightly to the right, followed by a sharp turn to the left… If your name is Jean Ragnotti, then you’ll have just sent your Renault Maxi 5 Turbo into a spectacular 360° spin. Otherwise, don’t even try it !

He calls himself the "corner merchant". As mischievous as he is talented, Jean Ragnotti has no equal when it comes to entertaining a motorsport crowd. At each of his appearances, fans cannot wait to see his famous 360° spins, which have become his trademark.

This tradition dates back to the end of the 1980s, when Renault dominated the French Super Production Championship. When he had a big enough lead at the end of a race, Jean threw his R21 Turbo 4x4 into a spectacular double spin as he crossed the finishing line ! The fans absolutely loved it…

If you want to find out how Jean Ragnotti does what he does in the Renault Maxi 5 Turbo – in which he won the 1985 Tour de Corse – then check out this superb video, recorded on the Paul Ricard circuit !