24 July 2020

Le Club has launched!

Le Club has launched!

Renault Sport inspires such passion among its vast fanbase, dedicated clubs, employees and the company hierarchy that it often feels like an extended family … well that family now has a new home thanks to the launch of Le Club

Le Club R.S. is an all-new dedicated online community hub for motorsports fans to totally immerse themselves in the world of Renault Sport. The new home will bring together a community already highly active on social media and among individual clubs, and give them a dedicated space where they can share their experiences and bond on all things R.S. from wherever they are in the world. Click here to join Le Club.

Le Club members can communicate with each other, publish articles, upload images and videos, and create and manage groups according to their interests. Members will never have to miss an R.S. event again, thanks to a listings section that will include both official engagements, such as October’s R.S. Days at Le Castellet, and user-created events that can be opened up to other members.

As well as a unique place to share information and discuss the brand, Le Club will also provide a Market Place where old and new Renault Sports models can be listed for sale. As well as increased access to a wide range of cars, it will assure sellers that their much-loved cars will be bought by someone who shares their passion for the brand. Those looking for a new car will also find the process much easier thanks to direct contact links with local dealerships.

Launching first online, a dedicated Le Club app will follow that allows you to take your R.S. passion with you wherever you go.

We spoke with fans, car owners, club managers and we asked them: what do you need? Renault Sport’s Le Club is the answer. More than just a club, it is a useful tool for any fans of motorsports for an optimised and accessible experience of motorsport in general and Renault Sport in particular. Thanks to Le Club, which will evolve constantly, our fans will not miss out on any events, our club volunteers will see their efforts rewarded and simplified, as will our network of specialist R.S. dealerships and subsidiaries. Le Club’s ambition is to become the best community experience tool in motorsport, and in particular for R.S fans. In the current context this is also the best way to maintain contact with our fans.

Robert Bonetto Managing Director of Renault Sport Cars