Maximum extraction - Q&A with Esteban Ocon

It was an early end for Esteban Ocon in Mugello with an overheating brake issue. But that gives him an extra ounce of determination to return to the points this weekend in Sochi; a track the Frenchman enjoys racing at.

What do you like about Sochi?
Sochi is a cool track to race on. I have good memories there including the 2017 and 2018, races in Formula 1 when I scored some decent points and I remember the performance was good for me. I’m really looking forward to racing in Russia again this weekend. It’s been quite special there and I’ve always had a warm welcome from the Russian fans. There are some fans this year as well, so I’m looking forward to seeing the atmosphere back again. Overall, that’s very positive. We think the car is going to be competitive there, and we’ll do our best preparing and make sure we back it up when it matters.

Where are the main challenges on a lap?
The track is all medium and low-speed corners. The first sector is fun with the long straight and some overtaking opportunities into Turn 2. In the low speed, there’s opportunity to gain time and that is something our car has been good at this season.

How pleased are you with current performances?
We’re right in the battle in the midfield, with a number of teams within distance of third in the championship. We scored the most points from those teams between Belgium and Mugello so clearly, we have the capability for some good things. Our focus is only on the next race and doing the best we can to score solid points. There are a few things we can work on and, on my side, we haven’t quite got the most from it on some occasions so that’s the goal this weekend to get some decent points.