New 1.8-Litre Turbo Direct Injection engine

Mégane R.S. is the first Renault Sport to come with the new 1.8-litre turbo direct injection engine. This version develops a power output of 280hp and torque of 390Nm, available across a wide range of revs.

This engine is also fitted on Mégane R.S. Trophy, where its power has been extended to 300hp, with a torque of 400Nm on the manual gearbox version and even as high as 420Nm on the EDC dual-clutch version.

In order to achieve this level of performance, a team of top specialists from Renault Sport Cars, Renault Sport Racing and the Renault Technocentre designed a new cylinder head with a "twin core" reinforced structure that cools more efficiently, dissipating heat right next to the combustion chamber.

The extensive work done on the Twin Scroll turbocharger also helped improve the torque developed at low revs.