18 March 2020

New Renault Track Car revealed to highlight R.S. Performance accessory range

New Renault Track Car revealed to highlight R.S. Performance accessory range

If you’d like to know what your Mégane IV R.S. would look like when kitted out with Renault’s new Performance range of parts and accessories, look no further than the new Track Car number 3 – a spectacular development model strongly influenced by the Trophy-R.

The Track Car number 3 – Renault’s third after two previous Clio IV versions – showcases the very best of the Performance parts specially developed by Renault Sport’s engineering teams. It also comes dressed in a striking Orange Tonic livery using graphic design elements inspired by the iconic Renault 5 Turbo rally car that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

The R.S. Performance range is exclusively available online at https://shop.renaultsport.com/RSperformance/ and in person at the company’s R.S. Days held on famous tracks around the world. It extends the Renault Sport universe for dedicated fans thanks to a wide range of mechanical parts, sports equipment and styling accessories and a host of constant additions.


In conjunction with the TC3, the Performance range shows just how the DNA of the Trophy-R can be added to the Mégane IV R.S. Aside from its vibrant livery, the car features matt black paintwork on the front blade, Fuji Light rims, the roof, mirror housings and a glossy black grille, as well as an Akrapovič titanium exhaust system and diffuser. Just like on the Trophy-R, the carbon bonnet is hand-painted using technology taken directly from Formula 1® and developed by the race team’s partner IXELL.

Parts in the Performance range are produced in small batches and can even be made to order, allowing design solutions seen on the Trophy-R to migrate to the Mégane IV R.S. range. Customers can also look the part thanks to replica Trophy-R merchandising and clothes sported by the team working on the Track Car nu – a look that’s guaranteed to turn as many heads as the new TC itself.