Seven days after securing his third title in Clio Cup Spain, Nicolas Milan (Milan Compétition) fended off the attacks of Anthony Jurado (Milan Competition) and David Pouget (GPA Racing) to win his sixth Clio Cup France crown. In addition to winning the championship at Circuit Paul Ricard,the driver-owner saw his squad win the Teams title while Romain Boeckler (BRS Racing Team) and Mickaël Carrée (T2CM) have come out on top in the Junior and Gentlemen categories in the first French campaign of New Clio Cup.

The competitors began the season-finale with a one-hour practice session at sunset Friday to learn all the secrets of the previously unused 3.8km track. The Milan Compétition team set the pace with Corentin Tierce leading the way ahead of his team-mates Mathieu Lannepoudenx, Nicolas Milan and Anthony Jurado.

Free practice


The quartet confirmed their speed in qualifying with Mathieu Lannepoudenx taking his maiden pole position in Clio Cup France ahead of Anthony Jurado while David Pouget (GPA Racing) slotted in ahead of Nicolas Milan and Corentin Tierce.

Mathieu Lannepoudenx put in a perfect start to hold on to the lead while David Pouget passed Anthony Jurado for second place at turn one. Anthony Jurado then fell behind Nicolas Milan, Corentin Tierce and Johan Boris Scheier (BRS Racing Team) at the end of a hectic opening lap.

While the leading trio soon pulled away from the rest of the field, the order changed when Nicolas Milan got the better of David Pouget on lap two. Meanwhile, Anthony Jurado got back in the contest and made the most of the battle between Nicolas Milan and David Pouget to move into third place.

After getting back around Nicolas Milan, David Pouget made his way past Mathieu Lannepoudenx on lap eight. Anthony Jurado did the same three laps later to take the fight for the win to David Pouget. They battled hammer and tongs with contact between the two three laps from the finish. Anthony Jurado eventually took the lead while David Pouget dropped to sixth place as day past to night.

Anthony Jurado held on to take his third win of the season. Eighth on the grid, Romain Boeckler battled his way through a very intense field late in the race to finish second ahead of Nicolas Milan and Mathieu Lannepoudenx.

14 years after winning the Clio Cup France title, Johan Boris Scheier finished fifth in his return to the category ahead of David Pouget and Corentin Tierce, who won his race-long duel with Kevin Jimenez (GPA Racing). Guillaume Maio (GM Sport) crossed the line in ninth place ahead of top Gentlemen driver Laurent Dziadus (Team Lucas), who took the lead of the category following the incident between Mickaël Carrée and Fabien Rivals (GPA Racing) at the start of the race.

Qualifying 1 - Starting grid - Race 1


Following the Junior crown for Romain Boeckler and the team title for Milan Compétition, two titles remained to be decided on Sunday: that of the Clio Cup France between Nicolas Milan and Anthony Jurado, and the Gentlemen category between Laurent Dziadus and Mickaël Carrée.

In qualifying, David Pouget edged Nicolas Milan and Corentin Tierce for the pole. Fourth best, Anthony Jurado was penalised five places to ninth on the grid for his actions in race one the previous day.

When the lights went out, David Pouget kept Nicolas Milan at bay as Corentin Tierce and Johan Boris Scheier looked on. Kevin Jimenez moved up to fifth place, followed closely by Anthony Jurado, while further back in the field there was contact between Matthieu Moreau (GM Sport) and Franck Niclot (GPA Racing).

The leading group of four became three when Corentin Tierce had to serve a drive-through penalty for jumping the start. David Pouget, Nicolas Milan and Johan Boris Scheier continued to distance themselves from Anthony Jurado, Kevin Jimenez and Romain Boeckler, who were in an intense skirmish of their own.

Behind race leader David Pouget, the battle was on the boil between Nicolas Milan and Johan Boris Scheier, who pressured the leader without finding an opening. David Pouget went on to score his maiden win with New Clio Cup in Clio Cup France ahead of Johan Boris Scheier, who surprised Nicolas Milan two laps from the flag.

With third place, Nicolas Milan clinched his sixth Clio Cup France title just a week after winning his third crown In Clio Cup Spain.

Fourth-place finisher, Romain Boeckler was penalised 30 seconds after the race for track limits. Anthony Jurado was promoted to fourth ahead of Kevin Jimenez, Mathieu Lannepoudenx, Florian Briché (BRS Racing Team) and Guillaume Maio. Ninth overall, Mickaël Carrée won among the Gentlemen and won the title in the category for 0.514s ahead of Laurent Dziadus.

Qualifying 2 - Starting grid - Race 2

In the general classification, Nicolas Milan wins the 2020 Clio Cup France ahead of his team-mate Anthony Jurado and David Pouget and makes it two titles for Milan Compétition in 2020. In the Junior category, Romain Boeckler is crowned for the first season of BRS Racing Team in Clios. Last but not least, Mickaël Carrée and Laurent Dziadus finish all square in points, but the 2017 Gentlemen category champion takes his second crown with more fourth-place results over the course of the season.

Drivers classification - Juniors classification - Gentlemen classification - Teams classification

2021 and season two for New Clio Cup is now just around the corner with many surprises that will be announced soon!