Philips Hue and Alpine Esports light up for F1 Esports Series Pro Championship

Alpine Esports is pleased to confirm a new partnership with Philips Hue for the forthcoming season of the F1 Esports Series Pro Championship. Philips Hue will provide Alpine Esports with sophisticated connected lighting in both the team’s training facilities and the drivers’ domestic base during the Esports series.

The partnership hopes to highlight the importance of lighting and visual health in the gaming world. Having the right lighting ambiance has been proven to improve performance by allowing the user to focus, avoid distraction and reduce glare that can harm ocular health.

Alpine Esports will contest the fourth edition of the F1 Esports Series this year, which kicks off on 13 October 2021 with a triple-header event. Frenchman Nicolas Longuet and Chilean Fabrizio Donoso will fly the Alpine colours following their third-placed result in the 2020 series under the Renault Vitality name. Last year’s pair will be joined by talented newcomer Patrik Sipos from Hungary.

For nearly nine years, Philips Hue has provided lighting solutions to bring together the comfort of quality lighting with the benefits of light. Using Philips Hue, the Alpine Esports drivers can create the lighting atmosphere they prefer at the competition venue or at their home base by night. They can wake up to a soft sunrise or choose a coloured light to have a relaxing atmosphere in the evening after a full day of competition, by simply using its intuitive Philips Hue app.

On top of the type of light, the colour also has an impact: red for energy and to stimulate the mind, blue to relax and reduce mental load, pink for a good mood, cool white yellow for better concentration or purple for creativity. During the competition, Alpine Esports can choose its luminous identity. The team will be easily recognised during the streams and create a real in-game immersive experience for the watchers.

The Philips Hue lighting will feature in future episodes of the Alpine Esports mini-series “The Conquest”.

Head of development for Alpine Esports, and owner of development partner Race Clutch Richard Arnaud said, “Esports is constantly exploring new areas in which to gain performance to give advantages over the competition. Sharpness of vision has already been identified as a real differentiator, and lighting is a big contributor. We are very excited to work with such a big name as Philips Hue to increase our understanding of this sphere.”

Cedric Journel, VP, Alpine Sales & Marketing, Alpine: “We continue to partner with major brands in Esports, demonstrating our commitment to this area and its commercial opportunities. Philips Hue is a market-leader in home connected lighting and our partnership in the highly-competitive F1 Esports Series with our team of top athletes will aid them define even greater technology to keep them at the forefront of innovation.”

Carine Legoux, Head of Marketing for Consumer Entity at Signify France: "We are extremely proud of our partnership with Alpine Esports. Light brings players greater game immersion, as well as well-being and improved performance! Therefore, it was quite natural for us to support the players in their streaming space but also in their home base with their daily routines. Most of the rooms in the house are multipurpose. They need to be versatile enough to accommodate any type of activity. That is where Philips Hue connected lighting can make all the difference easily. Performance is also essential for such players and according to a recent study, the right lighting of an environment can bring up to 25% increase in concentration and memory, as well as an improvement in productivity of more than 4% every day (Lighting Europe & ZVEI study)."