#PicoftheWeek: ready for a new challenge?

If you’re an avid follower of the Renault Sport Facebook page, Pic of the Week is already one of your favourite features. But to mix things up a bit, we have come up with a new challenge, 100% R.S. Spirit.

We will announce a new theme for the following weeks on the Renault Sport Facebook page. You’ll need to use all of your imagination and artistic talent to produce the best photo.


You can then send it to us, adding it to our post in the comments or on the page’s wall. Every week, as usual, we’ll publish the best photo selected by our jury.


In order to give yourself every chance of winning, remember to stick to these basic rules when taking your photos:

  • Pay attention to the exposure quality and image sharpness of your pictures
  • No person should appear on the photo (pets are however accepted)
  • Make sure there are no other vehicles in the background
  • Also avoid any brand signs or logos (three-pronged star, lion, prancing horse, etc.)