Picture Perfect : Bahrain Grand Prix

We have selected a portrait photo for #PicturePerfect this race rather than an action photo. The Bahrain F1 Paddock is one of the best of the season for us photographers to get nice portraits of the drivers. It’s a wonderful relaxed environment with cabanas serving Arabic delicacies and coffee whilst the palm trees wrapped in ’fairly lights’ sway in the warm breeze.

It is these golden ’fairy lights’ that have created this visual effect. By shooting with the aperture wide open (f4) the lights are thrown into large golden spheres known as a Bokeh effect. Daniel’s well-known silhouette and trademark grin is the subject in front of this wonderful backdrop.

Canon 1DX, 500mm lens, 1/250th sec @ f4
Friday 29th March 2019 19.39PM
Photographer: James Bearne