Picture perfect: Mexican Grand Prix

It’s all about the team work! And as we near the end of the season, it’s good to highlight the hard-working guys in the pitstop team. They spend hours upon hours training to hone their technique which gives us photographers a challenge to freeze the motion during a pitstop that may only last 2 seconds! As a photographer you have very little warning that the crew is about to rush out of the garage, moments later the car comes to a halt and seconds after that it is headed back out to an eventual double points finish. This shot is taken during the race from the pitwall. The dark background gives contrast to the action of the subject, and a long telephoto lens gives a frame-filling and dramatic shot.

Canon 1DX, 500mm lens, 1/1000th sec @ f4.5
Sunday 27th October 2019, 14.40pm
Photographer: Laurent Charniaux