Picture Perfect : Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco is a photographer’s heaven; every one of the nineteen corners holds another gem of a shot and even more so when the sun is shining! Whilst the race itself was cloudy, FP2 on Thursday afternoon was bathed in sunshine bringing out the contrast of light and shadows. As the cars exit the Casino Square, they head down to turn five, the tight Mirabeau, where there is a shadow cast across the exit of the corner just as the cars lift a wheel. The strong contrast of light and the dramatic lifting of the wheel makes a superb picture. Here the use of a fast shutter speed is necessary to capture the image as the car suddenly appears in the frame. 

Canon 1DX, 70-200mm lens,1/100th sec @ f5.6
Thursday 23rd May 2019, 3:15PM
Photographer: James Moy @f1photographer