Picture Perfect : USA Grand Prix

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. The slogan became official in 1991, after it was discovered that Austin had more live music venues per capita than anywhere else in the nation. That’s why every year at the US Grand Prix they host concerts at the Circuit of The Americas (COTA). It seems PINK wasn’t the only superstar at the track on Saturday, as the usual autograph signing was held in front of thousands of adoring fans! The Autograph session in the Fan Zone was held in the dark after qualifying which gave it a completely different vibe than usually, as Daniel stepped onto the stage he was greeted like a ‘Rock Star’. This shot was taken on a prime lens at a very wide aperture giving a very shallow depth of field.

Canon 1DX, 135mm Lens, 1/125th sec @ f2.0
Saturday 2nd October 2019, 7:30pm
Photographer: Laurent Charniaux