Pumped up - Q&A with Daniel Ricciardo

After a stellar start, the Turkish Grand Prix faded into frustration for Daniel Ricciardo. But he needs no reminder that it’s all to play for in the championship with the Australian more than fired up for this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

What do you like about racing in Bahrain?
I’m looking forward to being back in the heat in Bahrain! I know we’ve been to some awesome tracks across Europe recently and whilst they’ve all been fun for various reasons, the weather has been too cold for me! I much prefer the heat and it’s still pretty warm in Bahrain during the evening, which is great. Two of the three practice sessions are during the day when it’s really hot and both qualifying and the race are in the evening when the circuit is a lot cooler. This does make preparing for this race a challenge and adapting to different set-ups is important.

What’s there to say about the circuit?
The Sakhir circuit in Bahrain is a good one, I’ve always enjoyed racing there and night sessions are always fun to take part in. In recent years, I haven’t had the best results in Bahrain, but I’m looking to set that right this weekend. There are some decent overtaking spots, especially Turn 1, which is probably the best place to attack.

How motivated are you, especially after the frustration last time out?
We had a difficult time last time out in Turkey, with the low levels of grip and wet weather making it a very unpredictable race. Bahrain should be back to more ‘normal’ running, with a more familiar track surface. We need to get both cars back into the points. I’m feeling much more on top of the car since we were last in Bahrain, so I think we should be in a good place. We also have a bit of unfinished business there after last season, so I’m pretty hungry and fired up.