Quick-fire interview: Anthony Fotia

Let’s catch up with Anthony Fotia, winner of the Clio Trophy Rally second round at Rallye Cœur de France!

How are you after this win you needed after your retirement during the Mont-Blanc?
I am so happy and satisfied for my co-driver Didier Sirigue, the Sarrazin Motorsport team and myself. We have worked really hard to get this win and for sure it feels great. It puts us right back in contention for the trophy, so that’s really a good thing!

Why did you choose the Clio Trophy France despite your experience?
I chose the Clio Trophy Rally as it’s the most affordable solution for me. With hindsight, I also think that it’s one of the most competitive feeder series this year and the prize fund is very attractive!

What do you think of New Clio Rally?
I’m really surprised with this car. It’s very easy to drive, but also efficient with its chassis boosting our confidence as a driver. There aren’t a lot of adjustments to do with the setup, which is a good point too!

What is your target this season and in the longer term?
Like a lot of competitors, our goal is definitely to win the trophy. We are extremely motivated to achieve that… And when it comes to the future, why not a career with Renault Sport?