How did you get your start in rallying?
“My father got me into it because I was born in 1981, two years before he made his debut… He competed at the regional level and I was hooked right away. When I was 16, I became his co-driver before moving over to the driver seat as soon as I could afford it four years later. And we have always raced with Renault as we are Renault dealers!”

How do you assess your start to the season?
“The woes of our rivals made it easier for us, but I do not expect this will be the case over the other five rounds. We saw that Romain Di Fante and Ivan Ferrarotti can be very fast and there are four or five of us able to challenge for the win or podium in every rally. It promises to be quite a show!”

What is your goal for the next rounds?
“We will have to do a good job to be ready for the Rallye Vosges Grand Est, which I did for the last time in 2008. I have mixed memories there, especially as a big crash took me to the hospital. Nevertheless, I think we can aim for the podium if we manage to be consistent over the whole weekend.”

What makes the Clio R3T Trophy France attractive?
“We have the opportunity to battle on the French Championship rounds with a fast and nice car and a very interesting prize structure. This is really important for the drivers who do not necessarily have a lot of money, which is my case, but the work done by Renault to attract a lot of crews has to be praised… Especially when you can see there was 25 crews at the start of the first stage!”