How does this victory feel?
“It’s really great. It was a lot of fun and it is rewarding all the partners who decided to back us. We knew we would be in contention, but we did not necessarily have the budget to do the Rouergue in the best conditions and battle at the sharp end of the order. We tried to get as much support as we could. Our work paid off and this win is the perfect way to thank everyone. At the wheel, it was also a very nice rally, very rewarding and gratifying with battles throughout the field.”

As an amateur driver, how do you organise everything?
“I am friends with Alex Brossy, whose dad Jacky is a Renault dealer, as well as former driver Patrick Vernet. They pushed me towards the feeder series’ and they’re helping me a lot since then. I own the car and we do literally everything, so we are really amateurs in the strictest sense of the term. Thanks to the rally experience of Alex and Jacky, we worked on the Clio ourselves and do our own testing… I would also like to thank Chazel, which has never hesitated to point me in the right direction for some setup basis. This is further proof of the good comradery found in the Clio R3T Trophy France service park!”

How do you assess your first-half of the season?
“We knew that the Charbo was going to be difficult. We didn’t have any prior experience on those roads and we were not very good with our lines in the pace notes. Having said that, we ran our rally and we made it to the finish to continue on. We were more aggressive on the Rouergue, a rally we know better. In any case, we have only been in the promotion series since last year. This season, we are in another world as we are well taken care of by Renault. We have had some great times and the competition becomes a pleasure when we are around people who are so serious and committed.”

What is your target for what comes next?
“The goal is to finish the season. As we do not know how it is going be at Mont Blanc, it is still uncertain to know if we are going to start the next rally. The objective is to go all the way and to battle at the front to get a share of the prize money, premiums and bonuses that will allow us to be fighting on equal terms. Winning the Rouergue guarantees our presence at Morzine in good conditions… And we really would like to thank Renault for that!”