Quick-fire interview: Laurent Dziadus

A Renault Clio Cup France newcomer in 2020, Laurent Dziadus assesses his maiden season after the first three rounds!

Why did you choose to switch from the Twin’Cup to the Clio Cup France?
I did 25 years of karting and the Twin’Cup was my access point to car racing. As a Renault Agent representing the brand, I watched the Clio Cup very closely and I really wanted to go racing with Renault Sport Racing. With the fifth generation being more affordable and attractive, we waited for New Clio Cup to take the plunge!

What do you think of New Clio Cup?
I didn’t know the old generation, but I think New Clio Cup is a very well-made product, very well put together with a superb chassis. Maybe people always want more horsepower, but I think the main thing today is perfect fairness and I think that is the case.

How do you assess your first half of the season?
We saw the car for the first time at Nogaro and we did very little running on our base near Paris. Despite that, we have been able to adjust to it and find some good setups. I wasn’t expecting to impress, but I would say we are improving and I’m happy with that so far!

What are your targets before the end of the year?
We’re not very far from the top ten, so I hope to get there by the end of the season. However, the competition level is extremely high, but I like that! I don’t think I can win the Gentlemen title, but I’ve also gotten close to Mickaël Carrée and I’m going to keep an eye on the Renault Dealership Challenge!