How has your season gone so far?
“I think it has been positive. We still have to improve in qualifying, but we are solid in race trim. Our top five at Imola shows that, because we were in it despite the difficult conditions. We also managed to solve the technical problems we had last year, so I would say we are a contender with a reliable and efficient car!”

What did you think of Imola?
“I love this old-school circuit with fast and technical sections and others that are slower and blind. It was something very special to discover. I would recommend it to anyone who races. It is the best school to train any driver. It reminds me of Lédenon but much faster and there’s this environment in town that we can’t have anymore in France...”

What are your thoughts about the future Clio race car?
“It is an interesting car, mostly for its versality. As the man in charge of the team, it is a concept that I pay close attention to because it offers more reselling options. I am waiting to hear more about the technical side, but things like the manual gear shift don’t worry me. In any case I am expecting from Renault a car vey similar to the road range but with all the characteristics of a race car thanks to its development.”

Tell us about your experience in the Clio Cup Open…
“It was a very nice experience with a very talented field as the drivers from United Kingdom, Italy and Central Europe are extremely good. Our target was to finish in the top ten and we did a little better than that despite the very hectic, but overall clean races. I really want to thank Renault Sport for this event. For amateurs like us, it was really something exceptional to compete in a Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend!”