Quick-fire interview: Romain Di Fante

Congratulations for this second win at Morzine!
"It’s extremely gratifying, especially as the Mont-Blanc is a rally that I really like for its beauty, the setting and the atmosphere!”

How are you approaching your second season with Renault?
"It’s a certainly unique year. This time, the resumption after the usual summer hiatus was, in fact, the beginning of the season. So, I’m approaching it with a slightly different philosophy, perhaps being even more cautious than in past years. We worked a lot with the team before this rally, which allowed us to turn up full of confidence. Then we drove well and it was a repeat performance of what we accomplished last year!"

However, it had to be different with a new model of the Clio...
"This one is logically a little less performant than the R3T, but it is a lot of fun to drive. It’s a very well-designed car. It seems ideal to start with and it boosts your confidence as no mechanical issues can arise. We even did 20-kilometre downhill stages and everything went well. Lastly, it allows us to set some fast times even if we are extremely clean, as we did in the Power Stage!"

How did you manage this rally?
"We pushed just until SS5 and when Quentin Ribaud had a puncture. From that point on, I didn’t focus on the guys behind me as I am only aiming for the Junior category, but I had so much fun that the times just came. We wanted to manage our gap on the last loop, but we were faster than the day before, despite some worn front tyres. I pushed a little bit in the Power Stage by working on my braking distances and lines, while not taking too many risks. It was great to post a fast time, because that wasn’t the target coming in. This bodes well for the future and I am really looking forward to the Cœur de France."