How thrilling is it to get your first win?
“Really thrilling! We have been fast since the start of the year, but we had not found any consistency until now. We were not very lucky as well, but our work finally paid off. We worked a lot with Patrick and the team on the Rallye du Mont-Blanc, a round we already knew, and this makes this first win all the more satisfying!“

What was your strategy?
“As it is a very long and difficult rally, it is not necessarily the guy who leads that wins. As Yohan Rossel, the overall winner, said: the most important thing is to get to the finish line. That is exactly what we did in taking the lead without pushing too hard, by measuring our risk taking and managing our lead as needed… It was a perfect way to thank my team, partners, my co-driver and everyone who follows us!”

It is also a great result in the title race…
“The goal was to finish ahead of Boris and we managed to do so. We really needed this after letting a lot of points slip through our hands at the start of the season. The title race is beginning to shape out and Boris is still the guy we have to beat. We have to keep the momentum going, score maximum points and regain groung, but I am pretty confident.”

Is there a particular reason to be confident?
“I think the first four rallies were the most complicated for us as Borid had the experience advantage with the Clio R3T. We will be on a level playing field at the Rallye Cœur de France, so I hope to be ahead of him right from the first runs!”

Do you enjoy the Clio R3T Trophy France?
“This is the first time I am competing in a feeder series with such a powerful car, which explains why I committed so many mistakes at the beginning of the season, but I have to say that the ambiance is great. It’s just so different to all the other categories that I raced in before. Even though I targeted Boris as my main rival, we get along very well and Renault has created a real family around its Trophy. It’s just great to be part of a competition where the atmosphere is so good.“