How did things go in this first weekend of the season?
”Beyond my two podiums, the team’s overall result was extremely positive with Dorian winning race two. Even though I have the points lead after Nogaro, I am not getting carried away because it is just the start of the season. Two years ago, I didn’t even finished into the top three despite my double win at Nogaro…”

TB2S enters its seventh season, has the time come to win the title?
“That’s the target. I hope to be in it in the Drivers’ battle, but we also have Dorian Guldenfels, who is a very fast young guy who has joined us with the will to win the title as soon as this year. We can also aim for the Teams’ title with the help of Guillaume Savoldelli. He was a bit unlucky last year, but he was always on pace and I hope he will succeed in achieving good results.”

How has the team evolved since its inception?
“We still have our garage, so we look after the mechanics and logistics not to mention the help of my parents on the stewardship side. Even if we still are a family team, we can also count on professional mechanics and that it is what the Clio Cup has always been all about: to be able to compete seriously with a reasonable budget.”

Why such loyalty to the Clio Cup?
“Its concept is still attractive. This is a category where you can have fun with a lot of battles on track while still being affordable. When I see what else is out there, I have to remain realistic even if other categories look very seducing… We are waiting for more details about the future generation of the Clio Cup, but our future should still be with Renault Sport!”