How did you wind up in rallying?
“I began in circuit racing, but I often went to watch the Rallye d’Alsace, which is close to home. One day, a friend asked me to be his co-driver and I got my start when I was 21. I was tired of going to the same circuits and rallying offered the change I was looking for. A school friend of mine, Thibault Raincourt, was at my right when I began and is still there today!“

Why did you choose the Clio R3T Trophy France?
“Last year, I destroyed my car in a big accident on Rallye Vosgien. Our main sponsor, Guy Bertrand, is a Renault dealer. He had already been pushing us to run a Clio. Everything came together to do this programme in the French Championship and in a single-make cup. This winter, Guy ordered a Clio R3T to Accro Race and we haven’t regretted that for a second. We are living out our childhood dream with such fantastic rounds and the precious support of Renault Sport Racing.”

Obviously you are pleased with this first podium at Rouergue…
“Exactly! On the first two rallies, we were running times close to Olivier Delaporte and Thibaut Poizot, but I couldn’t get the upper hand. This time, I avoided making small mistakes. It was close, we were three covered by eight seconds in the last loop, but I managed to finished behind Florian and Boris, who are in a different league.”

What are your goals for the second half of the season?
“We didn’t really have any at the start of the year, because we were doing all the rallies for the first time as this is our first season in the French Championship. Nevertheless, ideally it would be to keep finishing on the podium. We know we are doing the full season and our goal is to continue in the Clio R3T Trophy France next year. The objective is thus to finish as best as possible. To finish in the top four of the Trophy would be good!”