Renault Clio Cup (1991 - present)

Having invented this type of competition more than fifty years ago, Renault Sport has enabled many generations of amateur drivers to compete in a modern, high-performance and affordable product.

Since the Gordini Cup, Renault has maintained a consistent presence on racetracks throughout Europe and the rest of the world. With several hundred thousand units sold since 1991, all four generations of Clio Cup have been recognised for their performance, reliability and affordability. They have served up spectacular racing in all four corners of the planet and it is no coincidence that the latest iteration features all the qualities of Renault Clio R.S. 200 EDC!

Introduced in 2013, the latest version of the Clio Cup therefore boasts a solid chassis, strengthened by a welded roll cage. Its design is supplemented by a range of aerodynamic features that contribute to the efficiency of its on-track handling, whilst the 1.6-litre direct injection turbo engine develops 220hp and constant torque of 270Nm.

Combined with a semi-automatic, sequential six-speed gearbox that delivers ultra-fast gear changes, incredibly powerful brakes, sophisticated on-board electronics and exemplary finishing, the car can be adjusted to suit the style of every driver.

Built and assembled at Alpine’s Dieppe plant, Clio Cup’s long and full history looks set to continue for a good while yet!