Exclusive footage taken behind the scenes at Renault Sport Cars has been available since last week on the various platforms of the Motorsport Network. From inception to marketing of R.S. vehicles, Les Ulis occupies a special place in the brand’s strategy, forming a link between Renault and Renault Sport Racing.

Unveiled exclusively to employees at an internal presentation, Renault Sport Cars : la passion pour moteur (Renault Sport Cars: driven by passion) is now available to the general public on various branches of the Motorsport Network.

This intimate portrait offers a glimpse of life at Les Ulis, a modestly-sized, friendly site where some of the very best high-level motorsport technologies are deployed on production cars.

From the origins of Renault in the 19th century to the foundation of Renault Sport in 1976, there is a rich tradition at Renault Sport Cars of transfers from racing to production, and vice versa. At the heart of Renault’s sporting soul, Les Ulis invariably starts from scratch – or almost – and completes its mission right up to the marketing and promotion of its R.S. models, designed to evoke and share pleasure and passion.

Expertise acquired by the division at race tracks and on rally stages is now concentrated, transferred and made widely accessible by the Renault Sport Cars teams, where everyone has a specific role in the design, development and production of new models. It’s a constantly evolving journey with endless new adventures, as mentioned by the contributors when talking about the sports cars of the future…

If you would like to find out more, then go and take a look at this incredible 25-minute film on the activities that bring Avenue des Tropiques to life!