Renault Sport Racing organises activity in view of COVID-19 pandemic

The current exceptional health situation has taken on such gravity that we are obliged to take strong decisions to fulfil our primary obligation: protecting the health of our employees and their family, plus participating in the national and international public health effort.

Renault Sport Racing has taken appropriate decisions given the urgency of the current situation, while anticipating an extended shutdown followed by an intense season once the situation is under control. Our decisions must also be consistent with French and English government advice, the policy of Groupe Renault, but also that of Formula 1 authorities.

The first of these decisions was to support McLaren’s decision not to participate in the Australian Grand Prix following a positive test in the paddock, then to quickly repatriate our track teams present in Melbourne. We subsequently asked them not to not return to Enstone or Viry-Châtillon for a minimum period of 14 days.

Working from home has been widespread for all employees able to do so at Viry-Châtillon. Following measures taken by the French Government and implemented from Monday evening in France, Renault Sport Racing’s management has also decided to close Viry-Châtillon from the evening of Friday 20 March until Sunday 5 April inclusive.

Working at home has been progressively implemented at Enstone and will be mandatory for all employees able to do so from Monday 23 March. In view of the escalating situation in Europe and after discussions between Formula 1 teams, F1 and the FIA, it was decided that the summer shutdown would be brought forward and extended by one week. It is in this context that we are currently planning the closure of the Enstone site from Monday 30 March until Sunday 19 April inclusive.

These initial measures taken at Enstone and Viry-Châtillon will be reviewed and adapted in view of the situation’s evolution.

We will now enter into a phase of in-depth discussions with F1, the FIA and the other teams to define and put in place measures that our sport will have to take in these exceptional circumstances. In the face of the coming challenges, responsibility and solidarity must prevail to reduce the impact of this health crisis.