Renault Sport Team Vitality launches new season of F1 eSports Series 2019 this saturday, april 27th

We are excited to announce James Doherty, Jarno Opmeer and Cedric Thomé, the new members of Renault Sport Team Vitality.

The 3rd edition of the F1 eSports Series will begin in september. teams of Renault Sport and team Vitality mutualize their competences and their respective expertise with the ambition to bring Renault Sports Team Vitality to the highest level of the competition.

For its second season in this championship, Renault Sport Team Vitality is recruiting new talents and putting in place new tools to meet the challenge of a young, open and fierce competition.

To do this, the team has selected its two new players on recruitment principles similar to those of Renault F1 Team drivers! Recruitment took place on March 14 and 15 in Enstone, England, at the site where the Formula 1 diamond brand is developed and assembled. To be selected, the drivers have passed physical tests (cardio, reflexes, muscle strength ...), simulator tests, and have shad everal interviews about their ambitions and their state of mind. At the end of this very demanding course, Jarno Opmeer and Cedric Thomé were selected to be part of the Team. The cast will be completed by a 3rd member in the July Pro Draft.

James Doherty - Manager - 26 years: "Being a manager for Renault Sport Team Vitality is a pride! We will set up a high-level preparation, where every detail counts. I’m sure, our efforts will be rewarded this year for the F1 Esports Series!"

Jarno Opmeer - Driver - 19 years: Karting driver and three-time German champion, he was runner-up in Formula 4 in 2016. "I’m looking forward to working with all the Renault Sport Team Vitality staff and getting the team as far as possible during the F1 season. Esports Series 2019."

Cedric Thomé - Driver - 21 years: Cedric started the competition in 2013 at the F1 Esports Series. He was the big winner of the Apex Online Racing championship on Xbox (season 16) "Joining the Renault Sport Team Vitality team is a great honor! We will do everything to raise our team to the level of the best, the team is dynamic and the coach prepares us a beautiful sports training program!".