Monday 16th October: the fog slowly lifts at Spielberg for the last Renault Sport Track Day of the year in Europe. Shortly before the briefing, it has cleared completely creating ideal conditions for both racing drivers and the day’s drivers!

From 8:45 onwards the enthusiasts relay one another in 20-minute sessions to get the very best out of their R.S. in optimal safety conditions. In parallel, the coaching sessions in the Clio Cup and first drives in the Renault Sport R.S. 01 follow each other while around the track the Megane GTs get ready for the off.

“We’ve got two specific operations,” explains Thomas Chaumont, Renault Sport Product Manager at Renault Austria. “On the one hand, our clients can enjoy themselves on this emblematic circuit. On the other, they can join the guests to test the Clio R.S. Trophy EDC 220 on the track or the Megane GT on a road section for 20 minutes. The region offers a sublime setting on roads that allow them to experience all its dynamic qualities.”

And between two sessions there are non-stop activities with the Ellip6 simulators, the slalom to test the handling qualities of the Twingo GT with EDC gearbox, the pit stop workshop and the presence of an F1 showcar. Time flies by for the 52 drivers and the 116 guests from the Renault Austria network!

“It’s very interesting bringing these two groups of people together,” says Gergely Rosta, Zone Manager G9 Renault Sport Cars. “Our clients are our best ambassadors because when they talk about their cars they’re far more passionate and authentic than anybody else. Putting them in contact with bloggers and guests from dealers that are particularly involved in Austria creates very fruitful exchanges for everybody.”

Spielberg becomes Renault Sport’s centre of gravity for a day around the new Megane R.S. on display in Austria for the first time, Between the fans and the guests one can meet some ten nationalities and questions come flying nonstop from people who can’t wait to discover the Renault Sport universe!

Heard on the paddock…
“The event’s gotten a lot bigger since last year. Today friends have come to join me from Slovakia as well as my dad with his Megane R.S. Trophy-R.
“I could only do one Renault Sport Track Days and I really wanted to be at the Red Bull Ring despite the 1200- kilometre drive! The road itself made this trip worthwhile to come back to this exciting layout and its extraordinary setting in these beautiful autumn colours!
“We come across Germans and Swiss whom we know. Meeting up means we can get together and share our passion and keep up to date with what’s going on. The conviviality is the cherry on the cake!
“I’m just discovering the Renault Sport Track Days. I couldn’t wait to try out my Megane R.S. in complete safety in my own country. My friends have taken advantage of it to drive the Megane GT. They love the idea of being able to multiply experiences in a few metres!
“It’s one of the best Renault Sport Track Days, but I’m champing at the bit to come back next year to test the new Megane R.S. Renault Sport provides the best front-wheel-drive cars in the world. I’ve already had a taste of the chassis and 4Control with the Megane GT, but I want to know more!”

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