Renault Superfan: for the love of Renault Sport

The very first car Jérémy ever bought, nine years ago, was a Renault, and he has stuck with the brand ever since. From his first Mégane I to a Laguna III 2.0 GT Turbo 200 hp in Malta Blue, the love this car mechanic has for Renault Sport is still going strong.

As the saying goes, “birds of a feather, flock together”. That’s why Jérémy shares his love for R.S. with his partner, Charlène. The young lawyer regularly joins Jérémy on the track near their home, and it’s not just any track – they live near the 24 Hours of Le Mans track. The couple loves driving their R.S. around the Indianapolis corner, him behind the wheel of his Mégane III R.S. 1,250 hp with its luxe/sport chassis pack, and her in the Twingo R.S. Cup phase 1.

Through their passion, which unites all Renault Sport fans in the same family of friends, the young couple made some friends in a slightly unusual way: “Just a few kilometres from our house, we met a couple who had exactly the same cars as we did! I was driving the Malta Blue Laguna GT at the time, and my partner had the Twingo R.S. – our friends had the exact same models,” says Jeremy.


The two lovebirds answer the call of as many Renault Sport fan meets as possible, including a recent dawn start at Disneyland Paris to take part in the Renault F1 day. “Passion first!” says Jérémy. And at the most recent Paris Motor Show, the mechanic had the opportunity to talk shop with the brand’s chassis and engine experts. “It was such a great moment for me,” says Jérémy. “This team really is at the top of its game. They have Renault Sport in their blood.”

Jérémy regularly organises Renault Sport meetings, and updates the Renault Sport Sarthe Facebook page with a friend. He also shares his passion for the brand on the Renault Sport Pays de la Loire page. “We often head to the track to watch people who share our passion and drive. Our Renault Sport Sarthe members take part in as many R.S. Days track sessions as they can, and we all really miss the World Series by Renault…”


Next Jérémy would like to organise an event with the Mégane R.S. to coincide with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but in the meantime, he has his heart set on driving the Mégane III R.S. Trophy-R. As for Charlène, she’s got her eye on the Clio IV R.S. phase 2, in Sirius Yellow. This flame of theirs isn’t going out any time soon!