Rocket League continues to reach for the stars

Psyonix’s Rocket League’s blend of cars and soccer has been a winning combination and it’s one that Renault Sport Team Vitality is set to take by storm with its new Line-up that competes towards a prize pool now topping $1million.

After winning the Rocket League title in Season 3, R.S. Team Vitality returns to the Elite Series with Alexandre ‘Kaydop’ Courant as a key player. His shock departure in January from Dignitas to replace recently retired long-time captain Philip ‘Paschy90’ Paschmeyer was not only a boost for R.S. Team Vitality but also broke up one of its key EU rivals.

Kaydop joins Victor ‘Fairy Peak’ Locquet, reuniting a French duo that enjoyed great success in the past on the Mock-It roster, while fans will hope to see Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson translate his 1v1 skills into team play.

Kaydop – with four European and two World championships under his belt - has earned almost $200,000 in prize money during his career, including $40,000 from the 2018 Rocket League.

He mentored Fairy Peak during Season 2 when his fellow Frenchman first turned pro and their renewed partnership will continue to thrill fans.

Scottish player Scrub Killa was already considered one of the best and most exciting players in Rocket League history – even though he was not allowed to play in tournaments before turning 15 in May 2018. His growth should now be unstoppable, while his win against Fairy Peak in the 2018 Twelve Titans tournament will help spice up some in-team rivalry for the R.S. team.
The team’s substitute will be Neqzo ‘Esnault’ Florian and he will stand in for Scrub Killa in Gfinity until he turns 16 in May 2019.

What trophies will the new line-up add to the R.S. Team Vitality trophy cabinet? Follow their success with our calendar below:

April 2019
RL- RLCS League Play Week 1,
April 7, 6pm – Mon, April 8, 12am

RL- RLCS League Play Week 2
April 14, 6pm – Mon, April 15, 12am

RL- RLCS League Play Week 3
April 21, 6pm – Mon, April 22, 12am

RL- DH Dallas Qualifier
April 27, 1:00pm – 8:30pm

RL- RLCS League Play Week 4
April 28, 6pm – Mon, April 29, 12am

May 2019
RL- RLCS League Play Week 5
May 5, 6pm – Mon, May 6, 12am

RL- RLCS EU Regional Championship
May 12, 6pm – Mon, May 13, 12am

June 2019
RL- Dreamhack Dallas Open
May 31 – Jun 2

July 2019
RL- Dreamhack Valencia Open
Jul 4 – 6

September 2019
RL- Dreamhack Montreal Open
Sep 6 – 8