The fifth Renault Sport Track Day of the European calendar was held at the Red Bull Ring on Friday, 5 October. For this year’s event, the third time a track day has been held at the Austrian circuit, the world of Renault Sport poured into the town of Spielberg for the day.

Autumn was very much in the air in Spielberg at the penultimate #RSTrackDay of the season, as the early morning fog gradually cleared. Little by little, conditions improved; eventually becoming almost perfect and the pace could be stepped up.

The twenty-minute sessions quickly succeeded one another, as the sixty or so enthusiasts from a dozen different countries tested the potential of their cars in a completely safe setting.

Although New Mégane R.S. was first displayed at a standstill last year in Austria, this time Renault Sport’s latest model was put through its paces on the track, alongside Clio R.S., Clio Williams and other iconic models from previous generations. Meanwhile, other enthusiasts preferred to treat themselves to a track experience in a Renault Sport R.S. 01 or some coaching to fine-tune their driving skills, get more thrills behind the wheel and feel the #RSspirit even more.

New Mégane R.S. was also the centrepiece of the Renault Sport Experience Centre, where enthusiasts and guests of the Renault Austria dealer network gathered to take part in various activities. The enthusiasts even turned into genuine R.S. ambassadors, as a hundred or so network guests discovered all the dynamic handling qualities of New Mégane R.S. and the efficiency of the 4Control system on the Austrian roads.

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