Find your specialist

A Renaultsport Specialist is a Renault garage, dealership or branch with passionate, professional and dedicated staff who are always on hand to provide high-quality products and services for performance car customers.

At every Renaultsport Specialist, customers enjoy a close and valued relationship with the team serving them, from the hand-over of their Renaultsport vehicle to the personalised aftercare. Particular emphasis is placed on after-sales services, such as technical customisation, fitting accessories, servicing and repairs.

The seven commitments of the specialist network

  • Professionalism geared towards performance vehicles : As well as promoting a culture and shared interest in performance vehicles, the Renaultsport Specialist teams promise to provide customers with expert advice on vehicles from the Renaultsport range.
  • A team of dedicated advisors : When it comes to both sales and maintenance, customer contact is managed by a named member of the team who has received specific training.
  • A space dedicated to the Renaultsport range : A specially equipped area is provided to display the Renaultsport range, as well as its derivative products and accessories.
  • Vehicle testing : The Renaultsport Specialist has a test fleet which includes Renaultsport vehicles.
  • Trading in your vehicle : The Renaultsport Specialists undertake to provide a trade-in offer for a customer’s performance vehicle upon request.
  • After-sales service : The Renaultsport Specialists are supported by motivated and trained personnel who provide a tailored service dedicated to performance vehicles and their specific wear and tear parts.
  • Shared values, driven by Renault competitions : The Renaultsport Specialist dealers closely follow the performances of Renault drivers in the different racing categories where the brand’s vehicles compete, when they are not themselves directly involved in those competitions. They share this passion with their customers and involve them in motorsport events at every opportunity.