Staying focused - Q&A with Nico Hülkenberg

Nico Hülkenberg drove with determination in Spa for his eighth-place finish. The German heads to Italy with motivation to do even better at the Temple of Speed.

How special is the Italian Grand Prix?
Monza carries a lot of history and it’s amongst the most special Grands Prix on the Formula 1 calendar. The fans create this wild atmosphere there and it’s really cool to experience. I do enjoy racing at circuits with a lot of history and prestige. You get a great feeling at these places. I do enjoy food, and Italy is good for that. I’ll be sure to eat a pizza at some point over the weekend!

What are the main considerations for a lap?
The track is high-speed with a lot of demand on the engine, high-speed and the need for maintaining momentum around the lap. We have a low downforce setting on the car, the lowest of the season, to allow the top straight-line speed. The car will feel light at the first, especially in FP1, and it takes a little bit of getting used to. Monza has hard braking zones, Turn 1 is a standout, and you need to be quite brave there. The Lesmos, the run through Ascari and of course, the Parabolica are all a lot of fun to drive when you get them right.

How do you reflect on Spa?
Spa was a difficult weekend for a number of reasons, but to take home some points in eighth was pleasing in the end. We demonstrated our capabilities both in qualifying and race and we’ll be aiming for even better in Monza. All our focus is on having a strong weekend to end the European part of the season with some solid points.