Stéphane and Céline Ogé have been married for 28 years, and have two children, Lison and Matteo. But they also share a strong passion for rally cars. “I have been passionate about racing since I was a boy,” says Stéphane. “I have passed it on to my wife, who comes with me on rallies around the world.” And now that their son Matteo has turned 16, he’s starting to join in, too.

It all began with a black Renault Super 5 GT Turbo phase 1. “Seeing it jump from corner to bend on the track was the stuff of dreams,” he says. “It was great to drive this great little car from the 80s on the magnificent roads and mountain passes of the Vosges.” His only regret? Selling it. “When you’re 20 years old, you don’t necessarily see things with the same eyes as when you’re 50…”

After a short break to get married, buy a house and have children, Stéphane fell right back into his love of cars. “When you have it in your blood, it’s for life!” he exclaims. So he bought a Mégane R.S. dCi in Toro Red, then a Red Bull RB7 at his local Renault dealership, kickstarting a real friendship with the salesmen. One day, they called Stéphane to tell him that he absolutely had to come and see the Flame Red Mégane 3 R.S. that had just arrived. Stéphane and Céline immediately fell in love, and told themselves that this one was a keeper.


Except then, on its release, they discovered the 4 R.S. 280 CV Red Flame. “It didn’t have the same coupé line as the 3, but it had such a muscly body.” They gave in a second time, and have been driving it ever since.

According to Stéphane, only Renault Sport is capable of making such complete sports cars. “Everything is designed to handle the road and provide unique driving sensations, even on a daily basis,” he explains. “As far back as I can remember, only sports cars with the distinct diamond logo made me dream this much. The 5 Turbo Maxi, the Clio Williams Maxi, legends like Jean ‘Jeannot’ Ragnotti, the track star with the precision of surgeon... I can still remember him flying through the stages. Those first Renault Sport race cars play a big role in my passion for the brand.”


The Ogé family has met Jeannot several times. “It was great to spend a few moments sharing our passion with him,” says Stéphane. “He is always kind and humble. A great man, not in size, but in the huge passion he has spread to kids like me.” The couple also met Manu Guigou in Magny-Cours and Le Castellet. “These moments of dialogue are so important for us amateurs, to feel considered for a moment by these super professionals…”


It’s all part of the R.S. spirit, in Stéphane’s view. “The little flash of headlights when you cross the path of another R.S., the parking lot conversations with strangers admiring your car’s beauty, all of the small gatherings that are born from the minds of enthusiasts. The lot.”