Less than two weeks after Anthony Fotia’s title, the race to follow him will accelerate in the Rallye Vosges Grand Est (10-12 June) with several contenders bidding for the win among the 30 crews entered for round two of the Clio Trophy France Asphalte.

While Anthony Fotia begins his programme with Clio Rally4, the competition to be the next winner of the Clio Trophy France Asphalte will yet again feature one of the largest field in the event with 30 Clio Rally5s taking part.

After scoring maximum points on the Touquet, Thomas Chauffray heads to the Vosges atop the Clio Trophy France Asphalte general classification. Although he will attempt to add to his advantage, the leader will have to deal with unfamiliar terrain unlike some of his rivals, notably Romain Di Fante and Romain Fostier. Third in the Pas-de-Calais, Antoine Massé should also be among the contenders, as well as François Fraymouth, who put in a remarkable performance ten days ago in his Clio Rally5 debut.

The top Junior in the general classification, Romain Di Fante will have to keep an attentive eye on his rivals. Second in the 2019 Clio R3T Trophy Alps, Styve Juif will return to the type of roads he knows well, whereas Tom Pieri, Damien Mattei, Valentin Ascenzi and Tom Rensonnet will all be keen to confirm their speed shown in the season-opener.

Close to home soil, Benjamin Stirling will aim to confirm his progress and capitalise on his experience to spring a surprise. Sébastien Rambaud and Maxime Braesch will also look to score big points to get back in contention while Jérémy Sarhy, Julien Pontal and Louis Durand will be eager to accelerate their learning curve behind the wheel of Clio Rally5.

The only Gentleman entered Richard Paget will try to get himself closer to the top ten, as will Bertrand Blondel La Rougery, Emilien Sanlaville and Jérôme Janny. Forced to retire on the Touquet, Margot Dupuy will hope for better in Gérardmer but will have to face Sarah Filipe, a newcomer in the female category.

Jonathan Grande, John Laroche and Loïc Mattei return to the trophy, just like Christophe Nosjean who will rely on the experience he gained in two past participations on the Vosges to make a successful debut in the Clio Trophy France Asphalte. Seventh in the Clio Trophy Italia at the Sanremo Rally and runner-up in the Clio Trophy Swiss at the Chablais Rally, Switzerland’s Sacha Althaus will make his debut on French roads to test himself against a new crop of competitors.

Former Twingo R1 Trophy competitor Yohan Saillat and newcomers to the event and the promotional formulas organised by Renault, Charley Trevilly and Rodrigue Delassus, complete the entry list.

The Rallye Vosges Grand Est will take place from 10 to 12 June and will see competitors take on Le Fossard (18.43 km), Corcieux (20 km) and Noirmont - Marmonfosse (9.7 km) twice on Friday. The following day, two loops formed by four other special stages will await the crews, who will compete for the bonus points of the Jean Ragnotti Power Stage on the daunting Pays d’Ormont timed sector (24.71 km). The 14 special stages will total 201.2 km from an overall itinerary of 586.76 km.

Entry list
#45 Thomas Chauffray – Pauline Vaultier
#46 Romain Di Fante - Patrick Chiappe (J)
#47 Antoine Masse - Marc Haddad
#48 Francois Fraymouth - Romain Felicelli
#49 Romain Fostier - Ophelie Abchiche
#50 Styve Juif - Maxime Biegalke (J)
#51 Tom Pieri - Arnaud Dunand (J)
#52 Damien Mattei - Marine Pelamourgues (J)
#53 Valentin Ascenzi - Julien Tramaloni (J)
#54 Tom Rensonnet - Renaud Herman (J)
#55 Benjamin Stirling - Florence Wehrey (J)
#56 Sebastien Rambaud – Nicolas Febvre (J)
#57 Jeremy Sarhy - Maxime Vilmot (J)
#58 Maxime Braesch - Loick Andre (J)
#59 Julien Pontal - Loan Biagetti (J)
#60 Louis Durand - Kevin Bruyere (J)
#61 Sacha Althaus - Lisiane Zbinden (J)
#62 Bertrand Blondel La Rougery - Yoann Raffaelli (J)
#63 Jonathan Grande - Sandrine Guirado (J)
#64 John Laroche - Melvin Fraigne
#65 Emilien Sanlaville - Amaury Sanlaville (J)
#66 Jerome Janny - Clement Gutierrez
#67 Richard Paget - Sebastien Poujol (G)
#68 Margot Dupuy - Clio Chambelland (F)
#69 Sarah Filipe - Manon Hailloud (J/F)
#70 Loïc Mattei - Laurant Magat
#71 Yohan Saillat - Sylvain Kukulka
#72 Charley Trevilly - Corentin Dodard
#73 Christophe Nosjean - Julien Sahraoui
#74 Rodrigue Delassus - Thomas Lejosne

(J): Juniors
(G): Gentlemen
(F): Females