Coming soon, The Crew 2 will be the first video game to provide virtual sensations of the All New Mégane R.S.

Published by Ubisoft, The Crew 2 arcade game combines races on tarmac, gravel, in the water and in the air across the United States. This new game will be an instant hit among many of you by offering the chance to drive the New Mégane R.S.

To ensure the Virtual experience is as realistic as possible, Renault Sport engineers collaborated closely with Ivory Tower developers to integrate the identity and features of the new Mégane R.S., from the Orange Tonic shade to the R.S Vision lighting system and 4Control technology.

Join the engineers as they visit the Ivory Tower studio in Lyon in this making of.

If you would like to discover other exciting stuff, head to the Renault Sport Facebook Page to meet the Mégane R.S. Project Manager, Vehicle Stylist and Game Designer.

The Crew 2 featuring the all New Mégane R.S. available June 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and