F1™ Esports series 2019 introduces the first chance to win a place in the Pro draft on the occasion of the Chinese Grand Prix, the 1000th in the history!

The competition is on, take your chances at becoming a Renault Sport team Vitality driver. Monday, April 8 marked the beginning of the first online qualifying session giving you the opportunity to get involved with the action this season. Codemasters have created a scenario based on the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix, where you are racing on the amazing Shanghai international circuit. Join with Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault R.S.18, and battle it out to secure your place on the leaderboard.

Last year we saw Nico’s real life talent finishing him in 6th place in the Chinese Grand Prix, can you do better? In this first scenario you will be scored on your time taken to complete the race however, the amount of driving assist you have used will be taken into consideration as well as clean driving. The online leaderboard will be tracked and updated each day. Each event will run for two weeks, the top ten drivers of each race with then be able to progress to the Pro draft! The first event ends on April 21, so get playing. All you have to do is sign up, load up and get playing, give your best on this epic online-race off, good luck!