Starting on slick tyres on a wet Hungaroring, Gabriele Torelli (Faro Racing) overcame a difficult start to the race that saw him drop to 17th place before he climbed back up to wrest away the win from Nicolas Milan (Milan Competition) on the last lap. Challenger Cup winner Kévin Jimenez (GPA Racing) completed the Clio Cup Europe podium while Matteo Rughetti (Faro Racing) used the same strategy as his teammate to win the Gentlemen Drivers Cup.

Saturday pole winner Nicolas Milan did it again Sunday morning ahead of David Pouget (GPA Racing), Marc Guillot (Milan Compétition) and Challengers Mathieu Lannepoudenx (Milan Compétition) and Kévin Jimenez. The conditions were radically different at the start after the storms that hit Budapest. While most of the field opted for Michelin rain tyres, Gabriele Torelli and Matteo Rughetti, who started sixth and 19th respectively, gambled on slicks.

Shod on grooved tyres, Nicolas Milan got the best start to hold on to the lead of the race ahead of Anthony Jurado (Milan Compétition), who started seventh, and Marc Guillot. At the same time, Kévin Jimenez was up to fourth, followed by Tomáš Pekař (Carpek Services) and David Pouget before the safety car period caused by the retirement of Filippo Berto (Oregon Team) following contact with Andreas Stucki (Stucki Motorsport).

The running order remained the same at the front when the race went green but the battle for third place intensified between Marc Guillot, Kévin Jimenez and Tomáš Pekař. Meanwhile, David Pouget was surprised by Mathieu Lannepoudenx and Jerzy Spinkiewicz (Uniq Racing) on an increasingly dry track.

The final laps showed that Gabriele Torelli made the right choice. Seventeenth following a difficult start, the Italian posted the fastest laps in the race after the restart and reeled in the leaders. Fifteenth with five laps to go, the Faro Racing driver was then eleventh, ninth and seventh in the next three laps before beginning the last lap in fourth place.

Gabriele Torelli overtook Anthony Jurado and Kévin Jimenez at turn one before making up the two-second gap to Nicolas Milan and taking the lead of the race just a few corners from the finish to take his second victory of the season. Kévin Jimenez passed Anthony Jurado to claim the final podium spot and top honours in the Challengers Cup. Tomáš Pekař completed the top five ahead of Marc Guillot, Mathieu Lannepoudenx, Jerzy Spinkiewicz and David Pouget. Matteo Rughetti finished in the top ten and also won in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup ahead of Lionel Viguier (TB2S) and Quinto Stefana (Oregon Team) in his first outing of the year.

While the victory escaped him, Nicolas Milan took back the lead of the Clio Cup Europe, 14 points ahead of David Pouget. With his tenth success in the Challengers Cup ahead of Mathieu Lannepoudenx and Jerzy Spinkiewicz, Kévin Jimenez extends his point lead. Absent in Hungary this weekend, Laurent Dziadus and Franck Horn, Lionel Viguier coming is now just a handful of points off the lead in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup.

Qualifying 2 - Starting grid - Race 2 - Clio Cup Europe standings

Group A

Unstoppable in Clio Cup Europe, Gabriele Torelli was also unstoppable in Group A by overtaking Marc Guillot and Anthony Jurado in his comeback. The latter still holds the lead in the general classification, but Torelli is now only 15 points behind.

In the Challengers Cup, Alessio Alcidi (Caal Racing) drove an error-free race to take the win ahead of Ercole Cipolla (Faro Racing) and Daniele Pasquali (Caal Racing). Filippo Berto still leads the Challengers category with a five-point advantage over Alessio Alcidi. Matteo Rughetti won the Gentlemen Drivers Cup, ahead of the new category leader Quinto Stefana and Paolo Felisa (PMA Motorsport).

Group C

Tomáš Pekař made an excellent start and reduced the gap to Marc Guillot before finding an opening on lap eight. The Czech driver went on to win ahead of the Frenchman and Jerzy Spinkiewicz, who was again victorious in the Challengers Cup, finishing ahead of Alessio Alcidi and Daniele Pasquali.

Marc Guillot still leads the general classification with a six-point advantage over Tomáš Pekař. With the points for third place, Jerzy Spinkiewicz is still on top among the Challengers, as is Lionel Viguier in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup.

Clio Cup Group A standings - Classements Clio Cup Groupe C

The Clio Cup Europe will pass the mid-season mark at the next race meeting at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola from 23-25 July.