The modes explained

The default setting, Normal mode offers a light and smooth driving style, especially in built-up areas, with suitable gearshift times and a safe ESP set-up, offsetting any effects of understeer or oversteer.

On small country roads, Sport mode alters these settings, leaving the steering heavier and more consistent, the accelerator more dynamic and the ESP more tolerant, allowing drivers to feel the traction limits of the car. In this mode, gearshift times are reduced, whilst the exhaust produces a genuinely sporty sound.

Lastly, Race mode disables all driver aids (ESP, ASR, R.S. Diff) except for ABS, which has a specific setting.
This mode is used exclusively with the gearbox in manual, offering even shorter gear shift times. The aggressive nature of the Race mode is equally reflected in the behaviour of the accelerator, steering and exhaust sound.