3 October 2020

The new Mégane R.S. TC4 track car: when R.S. Performance and Vuković Motorsport offer a beast made for the track

The new Mégane R.S. TC4 track car: when R.S. Performance and Vuković Motorsport offer a beast made for the track

The tradition of track cars from Renault Sport Cars is continuing with the spectacular TC4 which combines the expertise of R.S. Performance with the racing experience of Vuković Motorsport and its WTCR Méganes. A real TCR replica suitable for all track days and which a few lucky customers will be able to have built by the Swiss team.

In line with the track cars based on Clio R.S. (TC1 and TC2 presented in December 2018), then Mégane (TC3 in early 2020), the story continues with the TC4 based on the Mégane IV R.S. This time it is a Mégane R.S. that has truly been “souped-up” by Vuković Motorsport, a private Swiss team that entered Méganes in the European TCR championship for the first time in 2019. For this specialist in the development and production of race cars, the first year was devoted to learning the ins and outs of the car, nevertheless with some feats such as the pair of fourth place finishes achieved by Jack Young in Barcelona.

We were delighted to increase our cooperation with R.S. Performance by creating this exceptional car that embodies this partnership and offers our biggest fans the possibility of acquiring their TC4. With this track car, they’ll be able to get an excellent idea of what it feels like to be behind the wheel of our WTCR racing cars on the track.

Milenko Vuković President of Vuković Motorsport

The TC4 was developed to provide purists with all the adrenaline and speed they could wish for, allowing them to achieve an impressive level of performance on the track during their riding sessions (it is not road approved). The TC4, celebrating the technical partnership between R.S. Performance and Vuković Motorsport, is a true concentration of the know-how developed in TCR cars. Based on the Mégane R.S., the modifications are designed to be as close as possible to the characteristics of the racing car, through transformations of the chassis, engine and bodywork.


  • Chassis: adjustable with modified suspension, reinforced brakes, conversion to two-wheel steering like the Mégane Trophy-R for lighter weight and a racier look and feel.
  • Engine: optimised cooling, larger-diameter turbo, revised mapping to increase power to 360 hp. Robotic gearbox with Efficient Dual Clutch. Specific handmade exhaust system by Vuković Motorsport.
  • Body kit: widened tracks, full wide body kit (the same as in competition) and wing. Bonnet optimised for cooling. Golden OZ Racing® wheels. Black and gold RS Performance graphic codes (logo on roof, side stripes, etc.).

Through its partnership with R.S.Performance, Vuković Motorsport is working to produce a limited edition of 30 cars of this R.S. Performance Kit, an ultra-exclusive version that can be personalised on request. This will give you the look and performance that comes close to a racing car.

We’re very pleased to present this high-performance version developed by Vuković Motorsport, resulting from a strong technical partnership with shared values. This TC4 is a track days version of the competition car entered in the race by Vuković Motorsport, designed for purists. It is a perfect symbol of the combination of our skills.

Robert Bonetto Director Renault Sport Cars

The TC4 will be unveiled at the second edition of the R.S. Days France which will be held in Le Castellet on October 3rd and 4th, with Clio Cup France, Alpine Cup and GT4 races on the programme, as part of the 3rd round of the French Circuit Championship. The R.S. Days are organised in various European countries, almost systematically as part of the Formula Renault Eurocup and Clio Cup championships.