The R.S. spirit never stops - Dogs

For 2019, the R.S. spirit series is back for season 2. After “The race before the race” in 2018, this year you discover “The R.S. spirit never stops”.

In the 2019 campaign, “The R.S. spirit never stops”, Nico Hülkenberg and his new teammate Daniel Ricciardo embody the contagious R.S. spirit that can be found within us all. Transforming mundane, everyday situations into fun competition.

The first video, “The office”, was revealed before the Chinese Grand Prix with the second one, “The yoga” following at the Spanish GP and the third one “The Lego” at the German Grand Prix. We discovered the fourth video called “The Knitting” before the Russian Grand Prix. Please now enjoy the fifth video “Dogs” where Daniel and Nico awake the R.S. Spirit that lies within everyone. Really everyone...