Travel Blog: Austrian GP

We’ve FINALLY made it out of the Paul Ricard car park, and are well on our way to Austria. We admit, we almost forgot the Austrian Grand Prix was happening this year. When a race is sandwiched between both of your home races, things kind of skip your mind, y’know.

France was a busy one for us, and Silverstone too, of course, will be just as jam-packed. Maybe we can take Austria this year as a recovery weekend, a somewhat ice-bath to soothe the aches and pains from dishing out all those yellow t-shirts, hats and general happiness to our amazing fans. But yes, Austria, Austria, Austria, we still LOVE you.

We’ll try not to make too many Sound of Music references in this one, but when in Spielberg, as they say... We all know that famous lyric. *Inhales a deep breath* “The hills are alive with the sound of… 1.6 litre, V6 turbocharged hybrid engineeees.”

Ok, enough of that for now. Austria is very much hills, more hills, fields, cows, what’s that? Oh, it’s another hill, fields, cows and Julie Andrews, of course. Actually, wait, that’s just Nico pirouetting on the top of a mountain with his luscious blonde locks swaying in the breeze. Hmm, he escaped the traffic from France early. Must have taken a helicopter or something?

Did we mention the hills by the way? Spielberg is famed for its unbelievable breath-taking backdrop, which makes this Grand Prix weekend different than what we’re used to. And we quite like that, it’s tranquil and laidback until FP1 starts and that gentle air flowing between the hills is pierced with the sound of Formula 1 engines; it’s quite oxymoronic in a way.

The circuit is lined with freshly cut, green grass and plenty of yellow buttercups. We didn’t plant them there, honest. They just really want to support us! Nothing beats a bit of yellow, does it really?

While doing our research for Austria, we discovered that Steven Spielberg, that world famous film director, actually gets his name from the town where the track is located. In fact, Jurassic Park was filmed here, but a few of the Formula 1 old-timers still marching up and down the Paddock causing havoc will know all about those days…

Unfortunately, Carlos was a little down after France, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Nico, still waltzing on top of the hill, was on hand to cheer him up with a sing-song:

When the car bites,
When the results sting
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite drives
And then I don’t feel….so bad!